The Las Vegas Distillery Family is very excited and proud to annouce the release of the first straight bourbon whiskey in the Silver State. The Distillery is very honored to be part of Nevada’s Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s admission to the Union. This gives us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate our Community, and our way of life here in Nevada. As a family and a small local business we would like to thank you for your support and help to get to this unforgetable unique moment in our Distillery's life. We are a young distillery, but in each drop of this bourbon you will have all our passion, love and dream. Happy 150th Birthday Nevada! Cheers!



Name: "Nevada 150"

Spirits Class: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Edition: Exclusive Limited First Historic Edition - The First Bourbon Whiskey distilled and bottled in Nevada.

Recipe: 60 % Nevada Yellow Corn, 20% Nevada Soft White Winter Wheat, 16% Malted Barley and 4% Rye.

Grain Source: Corn and Wheat was grown by our friends at Winnemucca Farms, Barley from California, Rye from Montana

Distilled:  2011 October - December

Barreled: 2011 December - 2012 January

Barreled Proof: 120

Aged: more than 2 years, straight

Number of Barrel used for this  first edition: 10 barrels

Barrel size and wood type: first used 53 gallon barrels, American white oak

Cooperage: Brown-Forman Cooperage, Kentucky

Planned Bottling Proof: 90

Number of  total bottles released: 2014, all bottles are numbered from 1 to 2014


Bottle Numbers:


The bottle numbers will be given "first come, first serve" base as you reserve your bottle here.

Bottles will be sold only in the Distillery, not any other retail stores.

One person can reserve only 2 bottles. 


Special treated bottle numbers:


Bottle #1: Will be auctioned for charity

Bottle #2, 777, 1000, 2000 and 2014: Will remain in the Distillery Musem

Bottle #7: Xania Woodman

Bottle #100: Mr. Cresent Hardy

Bottle #150: Governor Sandoval

Bottle #922:Tom Heyn, Winnemucca Farms


Online reserve starts: Monday, January 20th, 8:00 PM.

Online reserve ends: Sunday, June 1st, 8:00 PM, or anytime when the 2014 bottles are sold out.


In 2-3 days after you reserved your bottle and other "Nevada 150" Bourbon memorabilias we will send you an email with your bottle number.


We can not ship the Reserved Bottles! Bottles have to be picked up in the Distillery. Please print out the paid PayPal invoice, bring to the distillery and we will give you the bottle and memorabilias.


Bottles will be held for pick up for one year after release.


Bottles and exclusive merchindise can be picked up from the Distillery beginning from Saturday, June 14th, 11 AM.


"Nevada 150" Bourbon Release & 1st Anniversary of the Nevada Craft Distillery Bill Celebration Event in the Distillery: 

Saturday, June 14th, 11 AM to 7 PM.






We thought it would be wonderful to make these souvenirs personal, so we offer bottle engraving, George handsigned plaques and certificates. We hope you will love and enjoy these, they are truly Nevada and Las Vegas Distillery Historic mementos. To thank your support we decided that everybody who bought a bottle of Bourbon will become a "Nevada Bourbon Founder" and their name will be forever listed here on the website and also on the "Nevada Bourbon Founders" Wall in the Distillery. You also will become a lifetime member of the Las Vegas Distillery Ambassadors' Club. We are honored and very happy! Thank you for sharing this unique moment with us.






                                              Memorabilia and Collectables - Sold only with "Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey



1. "Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey in Exclusive Box Packaging

with your name included on the Distillery "Nevada Bourbon Founders" Wall,

and Las Vegas Distillery Ambassadors' Club exclusive membership.

Order Limit: 2 bottles/person

Total number of bottles: 2014

$ 100 + Tax / bottle



2. Bottle Engraving: Your name engraved on your Bottle /Two Words/

For example: Joe Smith or Smith Family.

$18 + Tax



3."Nevada Bourbon Founder" Exclusive Distillery Tshirt.

Order Limit: 2 Tshirts/person

$ 18 + Tax / Tshirt



4. "Nevada Bourbon Founder" Exclusive Distillery Cap.

Order Limit: 2 caps/person

$ 18 + Tax / Cap



5. "Nevada Bourbon Founder" and "Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon

Whiskey" branded wood wall plaque / 10x10 inches / hand signed

by George with the text: To (Your Name), Thank You & Cheers,

George with date: June 10th, 2014, Las Vegas Distillery.

$ 24 + Tax



6. "Nevada Bourbon Founder and Nevada 150 Straight Bourbon

Whiskey" Distillery Stamped Celebration Certificate With Your

name, bottle number and hand signed by George.

$ 10 + Tax



7. Limited Commemorative "Nevada 150 Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Barrel Stave Piece around 2-3 inch size, branded with "Nevada 150

Bourbon / LVD" mark.

Order Limit: 1 barrel piece/person

$ 10 + Tax / Barrel Piece



8. Limited Commemorative "Nevada Bourbon Founder" Distillery

Copper Token, Diameter around 1 inch, one side with "Nevada

Bourbon Founder" 2014 text, on the other side the Distillery Copper

Angel Logo surrounded with the  "Follow Your Heart and Raise Your


Order Limit: 10 tokens/person

$ 10 + Tax / Token










Address: 7330 Eastgate Road, Unit 100

Henderson, NV 89011

Tel: 702-629-7534,

Nevada Distribution: Booze Brothers Beverage / Tel: 702-567-5007

California Distribution: Schmooze Brothers Premium Distribution / Tel: 818-429-4124


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"Follow Your Heart & Raise Your Spirits!"

Thank you for your support!


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                        Memorabilia and Collectables - Sold with or without  buying "Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey

1."Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey First Historic Release T-shirt.

$ 18 + Tax / Tshirt



2. "Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey First Historic Release Cap.

$ 18 + Tax / Cap


3. Limited Commemorative ."Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey First Historic Release Copper Token, Diameter around 1 inch, one side with."Nevada 150" Straight Bourbon Whiskey First Historic Release text, on the other side the Distillery Copper

Angel Logo surrounded with the  "Follow Your Heart and Raise Your Spirits!"

$ 10 + Tax / Token

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