"We love what we are doing.... Bourbon Whiskey is my American Dream."

George Racz, Nevada's First Bourbon Whiskey Maker & Founder of the Las Vegas Distillery


Las Vegas Distillery is the first distillery in Nevada after Prohibition, which ended in 1933, and the only craft spirits manufacturer in the Las Vegas Valley. All the spirits are made in-house.  The first legal commercial distillation it was on April 1, 2011, one hundred years after the founding of the City of Las Vegas. Of course in this 100 years there were many "not so legal" distillations in the Valley.


The Distillery is a great local story about passion for craft and "Never Give Up!" attitude of a first generation Hungarian American Family, born in the West part of Romania, Transylvania. Yes, that Transylvania... So please do not come after the Sun goes down, because lot of bloodsucking going on and the distillery is full with vampires...


George Racz wrote the Nevada Craft Distillery Bill draft for the historic AB 153, which was signed by Governor Sandoval on June 10th, 2013 in Carson City. This bill founded and put down the basics of this unique industry in this state. Congressman Crescent Hardy championed the bill and made it happen. It was a great victory for the new Nevada craft distillery community.

Nevada's first legally made and sold spirit was a vodka, Las Vegas Distillery Nevada Vodka, which was distilled from white soft winter wheat grown by Winnemucca Farms in North Nevada, it is a Russian type of vodka. Around 4 pounds of wheat is needed to make one full 750 ml bottle of vodka.


You can read about Las Vegas Distillery in James Rodewald's "American Spirit" Book among many other great industry pioneers stories.


The distillery's two pot stills, Rose and Swan are the Las Vegas Copper Angels. The story of the Copper Angels goes back to George's grandpa, who was George, as George's father and his son. George used to say: "We are a very boring family, everybody was George!"


The Las Vegas Distillery slogan is: "Follow Your Heart & Raise Your Spirits!" The Heart is the best middle section of the collected spirits.


The All-Togethers, Hillbilly Jazz Band, wrote a song about the Copper Angels. The song starts with a George toast in Hungarian: "Kivánok jó egészséget és boldogságot! Álmaid váljanak valóra és soha ne add fel. A Rézangyal legyen veled! Egészségünkre!" In English: "I wish You Good Health and Happiness! I wish your dreams come true and never give up! The Copper Angel be with you! Cheers!" Here is the song if you would like to listen to it:



The first Bourbon made in Nevada was the Nevada 150 Bourbon Whiskey was released on June 14th, 2014, when Nevada celebrated the 150th anniversary of joining the Union in 1864.


The Distillery is a Happy Place!  never have seen anybody leaving the distillery sad or depressed after a tour and tasting! Mostly because the fermenting mash and the distilled spirits fill the air with "happiness"!

Sid Kindler is the Best! ...The distillery Dogs are Honey & Clayton!


There are many firsts in this story and the they are many stories around the distillery indeed! Come and enjoy them! Taste the spirits, fill your own barrel of whiskey, have your own event here. You will not be disappointment.


The Las Vegas Distillery Family is most proud of being part of the community, making good spirits locally and becoming a unique tourist destination here in Las Vegas and Henderson. Their hospitality and welcoming attitude will make you come back again and again... Come visit the Distillery! Cheers!