Manufacturing is what we do. Manufacturing is our passion, craft, and business.

Our Brands

Your Brands



We manufacture Our Brands.

Las Vegas Distillery manufactures a portfolio of different spirits:

vodka, gin, rum, moonshine and whiskeys.

If you wish to learn more about Our Spirits and Whiskeys please visit us in the distillery

and have a tour and tasting. If you woud like to have our spirits in your Bar, Restaurant or Store in the Las Vegas Area or in North Nevada please call Good Spirits Distribution at 702.567.5007.

For other states distribution please call George at 646.641.9997.

We manufacture and bottle Your Brands & Your Whiskey


  Las Vegas Distillery manufactures spirits for partners.

If you are a marketing or branding company with a great brand or packaging idea, if you are an independent manufacturer, store, restaurant, or bar who wish to have your own spirits or whiskey please contact us. We offer different whiskey manufacturing opportunities from private recipies, and full managed projects to bulk unaged whiskey manufacturing, from 2 to 500 barrels/year capacity, with all the logistics, barrelhousing and aging possibility.

We have a 20,000/day bottling capacity with our partners.


Let's partner up and make your idea a success together.





We offer our spirits for Co-Labeling and Blending.


  Las Vegas Distillery offers its own brands for Co-Labeling and Blending.

If you have a company or private event and you would like to give locally made whiskey or other spirits 

to your partners, costumers, or employees please contact us. For bigger projects we offer together with our partners economical solutions to create your Brand.





Spirits Manufacturing Consulting in Las Vegas


With the learned knowledge, manufacturing experience, and industry network

here in Las Vegas we offer project and manufacturing consulting. Come and talk with Katalin!



If you wish to learn more about the possibilities

please email Katalin to set up a meeting: