Distillery Release

NEVADA No. 1 Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Nevada 150 Bourbon Whiskey from Governor's Barrel, Nevada Bourbon Whiskey Barrel No.1

Exclusive Limited Edition of Nevada 150 Bourbon Whiskey


Recipe: Wheated Bourbon

Distilled: double copper pot distilled

Barrel: 30 gallon, new American white oak barrel

Char: No.3

Bottle: 750 ml, hand bottled/labeled

The Story of the Nevada No.1 Barrel Whiskey


December 16, 2011 - Whiskey Barreled with Governor Sandoval and Distillery Friends.

May 29, 2014 - Two Nevada Bourbon Barrel No.1 special bottles were bottled to celebrate Nevada's 150th anniversary. Special Bottle No.150 was gifted to Governor Sandoval, the other one, Bottle No.1, is in the Distillery Museum, signed by Governor Sandoval and George Racz.

April 1st, 2016 - Exactly 5 Years after our first distillation day in 2011, which was the first legal commercial distillation in our state after Prohibition, we emptied the Barrel No.1.

May 20 , 2017 - To celebrate World Whiskey Day, we will release all the whiskey that remained after Angel's Share, 100 bottles. Bottle No.1 from this release will remain in the Distillery Museum and 99 numbered bottles will be sold to the public.

RESERVE  Nevada NO.1 Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Bottle numbers can be chosen from 2 to 100, first come first serve basis.

We CAN NOT SHIP your bottle you need to pick up the reserved bottle.

We keep the bottles for 2 years from the release date.

With any questions please email: george@lasvegasdistillery.com

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